Empowering the Workforce, Redefining Expectations
At Bates, our story is not just about crafting exceptional work gear; it's about changing the very essence of how work is accomplished. We're dedicated to being in the trenches, understanding the challenges, and working relentlessly to make it smarter, safer, and simply better. Our commitment is fierce, some might say tenacious, as we strive to deeply comprehend the daily battles faced by work crews. With this knowledge, we drive cutting-edge innovation, foster powerful collaboration, and provide industry-leading education, all with a relentless and singular pursuit: to Make the Workplace a Betterplace™.
the bates mission
To empower the workforce by providing top-tier safety gear and innovative solutions that safeguard lives and enhance productivity. We are committed to proactively addressing workplace hazards and making every worksite a safer and more efficient environment.
the bates vision
To lead the industry in safety innovation, setting new standards for worksite protection and comfort. We envision a world where every worker is equipped with the best safety gear, reducing injuries and enhancing the quality of work. Our aim is to be the go-to partner for safety, working side by side with those who build, serve, and maintain the world we all rely on.
Safety is our business
Top-Quality Products
High-quality safety and industrial supplies for your peace of mind.
Stocking leading brands in the safety industry for reliable performance.
Customer-Centric Service
Personalized and efficient service tailored to your needs.
Prioritizing your safety with products that exceed industry standards.
Competitive Pricing
High-quality products offered at competitive prices for your budget.
An Injury to One Is an Injury to All
Our mission to Make the Workplace a better place knows no bounds. It extends across all industry verticals, serving, supporting, and protecting professionals in diverse fields, including construction, utilities, telecommunications, oil and gas, transportation, manufacturing, warehousing, assembly, mechanical, mining, maintenance, municipalities, foundries, service, EMS/public safety, pulp and paper, and anywhere real work is getting done.
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